KARRERA (Krazy K) ft. ONYX (Fredro Starr & Sticky Fingaz) - Small World [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Shared March 8, 2013

@KrazyKMTL ft. Onyx - Small World (Prod. Drei) (Cuts by Dj Noyl) | Title track off Krazy K's highly anticipated LP "SMALL WORLD" COMING SOON!

Produced by: Drei
Cuts & Scratches by: Dj Noyl
Directed by: Drei | Music & Film | http://www.northpolefactory.com
Recorded @StudioDrx

Mixed and Mastered by: Mike Drex

Shouts to @MiniGotchu, @Drei_R, @StudioDrx, @DjNoyl, @Fredro_Starr, Sticky Fingaz, @TheOfficialOnyx, @SnakTheRipper, @BishopBrigante, @official_100Mad, @RaTheRuggedMan @KorChains, @goodfridayent | FOLLOW US ON TWITTER / INSTAGRAM

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Verse 1 (Fredro Starr)

I keep the lux loaded, Niggas gonna get this work
If I stand trial, NIGGA get the witness murked
Set fire to the booth, I'm catchin hell
Plastic bags on the four fifth to catch the shells.
Cant spell Montreal without the word "real"
Keep the mossberg in the moncler concealed
Cuz you could get killed if you caught without protection
Never leave the house without it, never caught without my weapon
Guns and ammo, got guns in the camouflage
Like Thor, you know I got the hammer God.
I let the trigger spray, fuck what a nigga say
Got killers on the call, do whatever a nigga say
I'm bossed up in a porsche truck, never wear my cross tucked
Niggas gettin set-up and crossed up
My nigga Krazy K, wavin a A-K
32 shots make the whole spot vacate.

Chorus (Sticky Fingaz)

I'll scare you half to death twice, while you after that life
Niggas never learn til you pass me that light
Aint nobody as ill as me on this earth, GET REAL!
Cuz its a SMALL WORLD when you a BIG DEAL!


I'll scare you half to death twice, while you after that life
Niggas never learn til you pass me that light!

Verse 2 (Krazy K)

YO! I was lost for a minute, now I'm back wit a vengeance
Bout to shut em down on a track wit some legends.
Bacdafucup, or get cracked by my henchmen
This that raw shit, we don't rap for attention
But I came and I showed my city
that I'd be back from the grave cuz I know they'dig me.
It's a (w)rap like rollin phillies...
Plus my Chronic's like Onyx cuz its Dro and Sticky (YEAHHH!)
From Montreal to New York, we reppin hard
I'm good in Queens like Escobar and Fredro Starr
It's been a dream to get involved, and set if off
ever since eleven dawg (dog), plottin on my epilogue
So here it is, and I'm showin em' the madface
Those that bumped Last dayz?...now part of my fan-base
I'm bringin rap back, so get your facts straight
Cuz we SLAM HARD, we don't Slam brakes!

Chorus (Sticky Fingaz) (Again)

Verse 3 (Dj Noyl) (Cuts & Scratches)